3D Tour

New to our site for 2023!

Have a 3D tour around Robertswood, total access to every room, floor and the gardens.
All open to explore and get a true feel for what Robertswood can do for you.

Two-dimensional images help to show the details of a holiday home, especially when they are large and with a number of them to view. In order to give you a true sense of the property, we have included a variety of photos of Robertswood House on our website. Including not only interior, exterior, and room views but also close-ups of the home’s soft furnishings and other distinctive features. We have also included videos in the gallery that show you the property’s surroundings and a few extra internal perspectives.  

We do not stop there, though! A 3D virtual tour of our holiday home as well. Allowing you to virtually “walk-around” Robertswood House to explore every area. You can turn around and view every room, as well as the property’s steps and level changes, the views from the windows, and what’s directly outside.

The front door’s open so come in and take a look around…

Don’t forget to check out the alternative bedroom setups for Rooms 5 & 7
Have a quick nosey in the summer house while checking out the purpose built BBQ area
To access the private spa garden just walk through the bar area to the back the door…

Had a good look round? Picked which room your sleeping in or spotted a cosy spot somewhere in the house, use the button below to check availability or book now.

Noticed something off with our tour, a glitch, have you been transported to the wrong room, maybe you can see our camera man in a mirror let us know. your feedback will be used to improve the 3D Tour

Our 3D Tour is powered by Matterport